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You have a RIGHT to be angry about this one, Mr. President
What the Court did today was evil. It's an attack not only on all you believe, but all that brought you to the office you now hold. It's about delegitimizing not only you presidency, but your life and our shared reality itself)Right, their "shared reality" of being a victim today just like in the 1960's or even back to the time of slavery. Their made up "reality".

You have an obligation to look back AND forward need to rage about need to speak with all the anger, grief and fear of those whose lives and struggles were disrespected by this Klan Kourt today.

This is NO time to be even tempered.

This is the time for you to call for a Voting Rights Amendment, to make sure that nothing like the past can ever recur...and that all that Dr. King, Medgar Evers, and "thousands more whose names we'll never know", as Phil Ochs once sang, will not be lost forever in the mists of time.

You stand on the shoulders of giants, Mr. President. Now, you must BE a giant yourself.
It must be miserable to live in their "reality". No wonder they are threatened and intimidated when those like Clarence Thomas and other black conservatives don't buy into their "reality".

Or is it just that they don't like having their ability to commit voter fraud curtailed?