The Nifong-ing of George Zimmerman

....A false accusation that somebody is unfit to practice his or her profession is automatically libelous, and Dershowitz said Corey "violated all kinds of rules of the profession." Dershowitz would, therefore, have never made an accusation of this nature if he did not believe that the preponderance of evidence was on his side. Judge Jeanine Pirro also suggests that Corey filed charges for political reasons. That would constitute unprofessional conduct at best.

Worse is to come. It is alleged that Angela Corey fired her office's information technology director for testifying that he thought the prosecutor's office failed to turn over exculpatory evidence to Zimmerman's defense team.

The hearing Thursday will feature testimony by Ben Kruidbos, the information technology director. His attorney said Kruidbos is prepared to testify he recovered deleted photos and messages from Martin's cellphone data, and that Kruidbos told Assistant State Attorney Bernie de la Rionda about that information in January.

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