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  1. #1 IA & IL Each Have EF-1 tornadoes at Least One Fatality at Car Dealership Body Shop 
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    The storm survey results indicated an EF-1 tornado touched down two-and-a-half miles northwest of Muscatine, Iowa leaving a damage path of about 6.5 miles.

    The tornado was 100 yards wide and had max wind speeds of 110 miles per hour. It was on the ground for an estimated six minutes.
    The NWS confirmed a second EF-1 tornado touched down a mile northeast of Atkinson, Illinois at 4 p.m. That storm was 50 yards wide and had maximum winds of 90 miles per hour.

    The Atkinson-area tornado traveled about four miles, and was on the ground for an estimated five minutes.

    The Atkinson-area tornado snapped tree trunks, took down large tree limbs, destroyed a grain bin and damaged the roof of a home.

    The NWS was continuing to assess damage from a possible tornado near Van Orin, Illinois.
    Cloud pictures at this link:

    Cloud forming above The US Army's Rock Island Arsenal

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