From a Facebook post, I deleted the contact info:

I know that this is asking a lot, but I've got a serious crisis on my hands, here...Does anyone have a horse trailer or large animal trailer that could be used tonight??? The fires we have all seen blazing on the westward mountains is spreading and it's heading right for the animal rescue I work for. It's up at Cold Creek (about 45 miles outside Vegas) and we are having to evacuate HUNDREDS of animals. We have 3 sheep and 2 little lambs, 2 goats, and 2 pigs with a baby pig that need transport if the fire gets any closer. If you or anyone you know has a trailer that we could use just for the night to save the animals lives I would be so grateful. We can also give you a tax write off for any costs or for gas or anything. Sorry, I'm just so desperate right now."