Just when you thought that Mayor Michael Bloomberg could not get any dumberÖ I promise you that the truth is always stranger than fiction with this man. I find myself embarrassed for the people of New York City as I report this. Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to veto legislation that would legalize the sale of sparklers outside of New York City. Please understand that fireworks are already banned within the five boroughs under his jurisdiction. He is trying to make law for the rest of the state.

This is so wrong and on so many levels. I simply do not know where to begin. First and foremost it is once again obvious that Mayor Bloomberg is concerned with governing outside of his own constituency. Much as he is trying to rewrite gun laws for our entire nation, he has now taken to try to enforce his fireworks preferences on the whole state of New York. It is important to note this. This man needs to focus on the problems of New York City, which is why he was elected, and leave the rest of us alone. Itís beyond absurd.

Secondly, what the hell is Bloomberg smoking? Iím serious. Independence Day sparklers are a tradition for children all over this great nation. He wants to take away the joy of this tradition just because some nut job might use a sparkler to ignite a bomb? As if there arenít hundreds of other ways to ignite that same bomb? Unreal.

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