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    Quote Originally Posted by Wibbins View Post
    Liberals believe to be racist you must have Prejudice+power, and since blacks have never had power they can never be racist... but considering they believe blacks have never had power, and they assume blacks never will because they're "so poor and so black" which is incredibly racist.
    And you are a racist for pointing it out. See how well that works?

    On reflection, we do owe her an apology, but not for the reasons that DU thinks.

    Rachel Jeantel grew up in America. She was raised in a country where anything is possible, and people can overcome pretty much anything and succeed, but throughout her life, she has been subjected to a horrific litany of lies about her country, herself and her opportunities by people whose only interest in her was her vote. She was sent to public schools that failed to educate her or prepare her for a future as anything but a dependent of the state, while providing jobs for unionized hacks who further contributed to her ignorance by resisting any efforts to make them do the job that they were ostensibly hired to do. She was encouraged to live in the moment, not to plan for her future. She was taught that men were disposable and that hookups with petty thugs were preferable to marriage. She was taught to demand things that she hadn't earned, and to spurn opportunities to earn them, and that sitting around collecting welfare was the best thing that she could aspire to. Her values, and the choices that they guided her to, were warped by the interests of a governing class that claims to love her from the safety of gated communities and luxury condos, but holds her in utter contempt. Her life was blighted by Mercedes Marxists destroyed the economy that might have taken her out of poverty and ignorance, and then told her that she had the right to hate those who had more than she did. She was used as a pawn by Progressives, and now that she has been exposed as ignorant, slovenly and crude in public, she is being used again to perpetuate their power by manipulating her and others like her. For that, I do apologize, because she didn't deserve that, but the people who did that to her, the people that are idolized by DUmmies and Progressives of all stripes, are the ones who owe her that apology, but they won't be the ones to say it.
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