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    I wonder if Jet Pilot nadin will show in this thread???

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    Civil Air Patrol

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    Before we had a substantial JROTC presence in our public schools the Civil Air Patrol was popular among our youth. It wasn't just a recruitment tool like JROTC is. Civil Air Patrol did good things for our communities like search and rescue. I think the Civil Air Patrol is an positive adventurous experience for kids! If you were a kid in the groovy 1970s would you want to join?

    Come on know you want to post in this one.
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    The Civil Air Patrol was certainly a recruiting tool. It got a lot of kids interested in flight and the USAF reaped the rewards. And no, I suspect that most DUmmies would have avoided the Civil Air Patrol for the same reasons that they shunned JROTC: they saw it as a tool of the military industrial complex, the character requirements would have defeated them and flying and bong hits don't mix.
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    Having been in CAP many years ago as a cadet and then an adult (My family had a lot of ties to the Air Force, I was kind of the black sheep when I ultimately enlisted in the Army), no, anyone who's in DUmmieland now would not have wanted to be in it. In addition to a great deal of aviation education, there was (Naturally) a very military aspect to it including haircuts, uniform standards, drill and ceremonies, and even physical fitness standards (Not to play at all, but if you wanted to progress in rank or do any of the cool stuff like SAR). Pure poison the the DUmmie mind.
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