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  1. #1 Obama, George W. Bush To Meet In Tanzania 
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    BDS front and center, on display at DU.

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    Obama, George W. Bush To Meet In Tanzania
    Source: AP

    DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania — The White House says President Barack Obama and former President George W. Bush will meet while both leaders are in Tanzania.

    The two leaders will join together Tuesday in Dar es Salaam (dahr ehs sah-LAHM') for a wreath-laying ceremony at the U.S. Embassy in honor of the 1998 bombing there that killed 11 people. They'll also meet with embassy staff.

    Read more:
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    1. And the rehabilitation of GW Bush beguines.

    The Bush brand must be saved.
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    4. The only good thing that can be said about the GW Bush presidency

    is the truly impressive work his administration did regarding AIDS in Africa. That's why Bush is over there right now.


    (from June 30th)

    Bush AIDS policies shadow Obama in Africa

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa — As President Obama’s motorcade pulled up on Sunday to a community health center run by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in this picturesque coastal city, people on the streets held signs that read “Thanks PEPFAR.” It was a reference to the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, started by President George W. Bush.

    Obama has been widely applauded for distinguishing himself from Bush’s policies, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. But across this continent, many Africans wish Obama was more like Bush in his social and health policies, particularly in the fight against HIV/AIDS — one of the former president’s signature foreign policy aid programs.

    Bush poured billions of dollars into the effort to combat the spread of the disease that once threatened to consume a generation of young Africans, and as Obama has spent two days touring South Africa, the shadow of his predecessor has trailed him.

    On Monday, Obama travels to Tanzania, where he could wind up face to face with Bush, whose visit will overlap with Obama’s there the next two days. Bush’s wife, Laura, will participate in a First Ladies Summit hosted by the George W. Bush Foundation, and first lady Michelle Obama also will participate. White House aides suggested Sunday that the two men could appear with each other, although they said no plans have been set. “There may be something. We’ll keep you updated,” deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes said.

    The rest:


    George W. Bush’s greatest legacy
    By Eugene Robinson
    July 26, 2012

    This is a moment for all Americans to be proud of the best thing George W. Bush did as president: launching an initiative to combat AIDS in Africa that has saved millions of lives.

    All week, more than 20,000 delegates from around the world have been attending the 19th International AIDS Conference here in Washington. They look like any other group of conventioneers, laden with satchels and garlanded with name tags. But some of these men and women would be dead if not for Bush’s foresight and compassion.

    Those are not words I frequently use to describe Bush or his presidency. But credit and praise must be given where they are due, and Bush’s accomplishment — the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, or PEPFAR — deserves accolades. It is a reminder that the United States can still be both great and good.

    The rest:


    George W. Bush’s Legacy on Africa Wins Praise, Even From Foes

    The George W. Bush Presidential Library dedication brought together five living presidents who have been at odds about much of the 43rd president’s foreign policy legacy, particularly the Iraq war. But they all agreed on, and offered effusive praise for, Bush’s work on Africa.

    From the historic peace agreement between Sudan and South Sudan in 2005, to Bush’s work on HIV/AIDS and malaria, all the presidents, regardless of party, thanked No. 43 for his involvement in African policies and issues.

    Jimmy Carter — who now runs the Carter Center, a non-profit organization whose mission is to fight for human rights, conflict resolution and global health in the world’s most impoverished countries — laid out Bush’s accomplishments, including increasing aid to the continent by more than 640% by the time he left office.

    “Mr. President, let me say that I’m filled with admiration for you and deep gratitude for you about the great contributions you’ve made to the most needy people on Earth,” said Carter.

    The rest:
    Bluenorthwest (25,186 posts)
    15. Do you have any quotes about how great Bush is from HIV activists who are

    African, gay or both? This is not exactly the full story and the glaring exclusion of informed and activist voices should tip anyone off about that.
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    3. I'm guessing that Tanzania is not one of the countries that will arrest smirk on sight. nt
    warrant46 (112 posts)
    7. Well the Shrub Chimp did return to africa
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    Response to frontier00 (Original post)

    Mon Jul 1, 2013, 09:14 AM
    heaven05 (2,599 posts)
    5. disgusting

    to say the least. Bushmonkey and Obama the sell out. Perfect. (WTF. Sarcasm)

    Oh, you mean President Bush and Obamachimpmonkey.
    heaven05 (2,599 posts)
    19. look

    here. You can bow down and worship the feet of anyone you please. Where you feel you must place your lips is your business. Bushmonkey is a warmongering tool of cheney and the rest of the virulent right wing of amerikkkan politics. Your parallel is suspect. Cheney is a war criminal and so is bushmonkey. To be coddling this idiot(Bushmonkey) is the height of political hypocrisy. Bush and Cheney are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and a universe full of grief. He should never show that stupid looking face in public ever again. I hope if there is a hell he burns in it along with the rest of his cabal, Rice included. Fuck Isaa. As an adult you are suspect..... Bush also snorted coke..... and a lot of people are dying for a snort. Wake up! Stand up! Get off your knees! Follow the light, you and the rest of the amerikkkan sheeple will find your way out that dark tunnel of ignorance, sooner or later.
    heaven05 (2,599 posts)
    13. really

    disgusting political bullshit. Bush library and african women's conference???????????? Michelle and Laura playing nicey nice for the cameras??????????? Disgusting.
    Laura IS NICE, Michelle now, yea, she needs to PLAY nicey nice.
    Beacool (19,501 posts)
    22. Although Bush's other policies helped to almost bankrupt the nation,

    his aid to Africa is comendable. He spent a lot of resources, time and money helping combat AIDS in the continent.

    What I don't get is why is he the one going to Tanzania. Clinton was president at the time of the attack, not Bush.
    What kind of a fool does one have to be to claim that Bush "almost bankrupt the nation", but have no problem with Obama adding 6 trillion to the debt?
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    As a liberal, I'm obviously not a huge W fan. I will give him this, however, he had a strong program to fight AIDS/HIV in Africa. Even Bono gives him credit for this. His leadership on economic development in Africa has led to a lot of good private sector programs and church programs to help drill for wells to provide clean drinking water, building schools for the kids, developing agriculture, and so on.
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