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Zimmerman: I can't understand a word the Voice Expert is saying..
But yet I don't hear West asking him to repeat himself..
For context: DUers were outraged that West continually asked "DeeDee" to repeat herself, and continually had to repeat what she said to be sure that it is what she meant. She grew up in a family where English isn't their first language. However she was much more articulate during the taped interviews-during court she was deliberately being vague, muttering her answers, talking softly and was down right rude (which West never alluded to and many DUers applauded).

The voice expert in contrast also probably grew up in a household that spoke another language (Japanese perhaps); he had an accent, but he spoke clearly and loudly enough so everyone could hear him. When West paraphrased or repeated what he said he just responded normally, not insolently like DeeDee.

Granted she's an inexperience in life 18 year old and the voice expert is a professional. But some of the DUers seem to think that West asked DeeDee to repeat her answers to "humiliate her" because she is black.
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1. Bingo
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2. Yep.. I see what you did there West...
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3. Lets only hope the jurors are as perceptive.
Oh, I'm sure they are more perceptive. Like, glad that West repeated her answers and asked her to speak louder and repeat herself until she was understood because THEY couldn't hear her or understand her mumbling.