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  1. #1 War On the Unemployed - By PAUL KRUGMAN 
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    Man, Krugman and kpete are just stupid assholes...

    Mon Jul 1, 2013, 11:34 AM

    War On the Unemployed - By PAUL KRUGMAN

    War On the Unemployed
    Published: June 30, 2013 419 Comments

    Is life too easy for the unemployed? You may not think so, and I certainly don’t think so. But that, remarkably, is what many and perhaps most Republicans believe. And they’re acting on that belief: there’s a nationwide movement under way to punish the unemployed, based on the proposition that we can cure unemployment by making the jobless even more miserable.


    So what’s going on here? Is it just cruelty? Well, the G.O.P., which believes that 47 percent of Americans are “takers” mooching off the job creators, which in many states is denying health care to the poor simply to spite President Obama, isn’t exactly overflowing with compassion. But the war on the unemployed isn’t motivated solely by cruelty; rather, it’s a case of meanspiritedness converging with bad economic analysis.

    In general, modern conservatives believe that our national character is being sapped by social programs that, in the memorable words of Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, “turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency.” More specifically, they believe that unemployment insurance encourages jobless workers to stay unemployed, rather than taking available jobs.

    Is there anything to this belief? The average unemployment benefit in North Carolina is $299 a week, pretax; some hammock. So anyone who imagines that unemployed workers are deliberately choosing to live a life of leisure has no idea what the experience of unemployment, and especially long-term unemployment, is really like. Still, there is some evidence that unemployment benefits make workers a bit more choosy in their job search. When the economy is booming, this extra choosiness may raise the “non-accelerating-inflation” unemployment rate — the unemployment rate at which inflation starts to rise, inducing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and choke off economic expansion.


    the rest:

    So Krugman thinks being an ass and calling people names, as well as making broadstroke moronic assertions,
    is going to help??? All he needs to add is some BDS...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I'm sorry, but if your unemployed for 2 years, then we need to cut the raft loose. I don't see how anyone who is seriously looking for work can spend that long with no job.
    In most sports, cold-cocking an opposing player repeatedly in the face with a series of gigantic Slovakian uppercuts would get you a multi-game suspension without pay.

    In hockey, it means you have to sit in the penalty box for five minutes.
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    Krugman doesn't have a clue about this issue. He's just doing his little "feel-good" dance so he can point and show any doubters that he's compassionate.
    He's an elitist Manhattan cocktail party celebrity. He can't even comprehend what's going on with this subject. The absurdity is how he seems to have convinced himself otherwise.
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