Holy Mother of God, are we getting slammed with rain!!!

In the last 2 days we have to be near or over 4 inches. No wind, just a little
thunder and TONS of tropical moisture with more coming.

We have a break right now so I got the girls outside but the house
has picked this time to spring a leak! Nothing too bad but the only
way to fix it needs some dry weather so a roof guy can patch
a seal.

Our next door neighbor is gone and we are watching their house and
I've had to drain their pool (and ours) 2 times today.

I also got a critter surprise tonight when I was draining their pool, a
treerat in the pool cage!!! Don't know how the young rat got in the
pool cage but I opened the door and he looked right at me, popped off
the screen wall and strolled out. He was half drowned but that
was his problem.

It's been a fun soaked day with more coming!!!