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  1. #1 5 things they don't tell you about being poor... 
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    Tue Jul 2, 2013, 05:03 AM

    5 things they don't tell you about being poor...

    Being poor is like a game of poker where if you lose, the other players get to fuck you. And if you win, the dealer fucks you. A bunch of you reading this are among the 45 million “working poor” in America, and if you’re not, you know somebody who is. Like me.

    Or 60 percent of all retired NBA players, according to this site.

    I’m not blaming anybody but myself for getting into this situation (I was drunk for two straight decades) and I’m not asking for anybody’s sympathy. What I am saying is that people are quick to tell you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps and just stop being poor. What they don’t understand is the series of intricate financial traps that makes that incredibly difficult.

    If you’re not poor, that’s awesome. I’m not mad at you, or jealous. Hopefully you’ll never find out that …
    As usual with her/It, it's always someone else's fault and/or people are out to get her/It.
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    5 things Liberals don't tell you about being poor...

    1) It sucks

    2) Someone who becomes a milliioaire didn't get that way by taking money out of your pocket

    3) If you depend on the government for your money you'll always be poor

    4) EVERYONE including a lot of rich people have been poor at one time in their life

    4) The only person that can pull you up out of being poor is YOU!
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