Dancing for dictators

Jennifer Lopez gave a special concert Saturday for Turkmenistani dictator Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, wishing the autocrat the “very, very happiest birthday.” Now she’s very, very sorry she took $1 million for the show.

J.Lo is hardly the first performer to go on the dictator circuit. Sting took $2 million to play for Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov in 2006. Mariah Carey took $1 million to play four songs for Moammar Khadafy’s family on New Year’s Eve in 2008. Usher and Beyoncé followed suit the very next year.

Sure, Karimov boiled someone alive, and the Khadafys sponsored terrorist attacks on American civilians. But celebs are a forgiving lot. Who can forget the three-way love affair carried on by then-Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez with actor Sean Penn and director Oliver Stone?


Funny that Lopez has to go to the doghouse for singing to a dictator, while the 0bamboozler gets a free pass for raising his glass and toasting one as he apologizes for the evil country that he represents.

At least she waited for the $1 million check to clear before saying anything.