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    Hello everyone,

    In my zeal to get started posting I completely neglected to notice this category. So I will now give you my formal introduction. My name is Mark, and I am in Baton Rouge LA. By day I'm a Support tech for a software Co. We develop, sell, and yes, service a line of Practice Management, and Electronic Health Record software. So as you can guess I'm on the front line of Obama care and other "wonderful things" from the DHH.
    (btw: getting paid by Medicare and Medicaid amounts to turning Doctors into sniveling peasants begging there master for a scrap of bread)

    But, I digress. One of the reasons I came upon CU and ultimately joined was a, futile at best, attempt to promote a forum that I was hosting. I have since given up that project, because a) I couldn't get the membership numbers i needed, and b) CU has already achieved the kind of forum that I was trying to build. It was called "Laugh at a Libtard", thus the screen name Laalt. Anyhow, I have since switched to writing and publishing a blog, "Words To the Wise" found at You can find more about it at the site in the "About Me" and the "About this Blog" sections there.

    I am relatively new to the world of what I am calling "digital punditry" but, i have been an avid conservative an follower of politics for as long as I can remember, a true Rush Baby, if you will. My political views are most decidedly conservative in nature, but I like to consider new and interesting strategies for advancing conservative ideas. One thing I do believe is that we can turn the political climate around by attacking the ignorance that the left and media work so hard to spread by informing as many "low information voters" as possible, using the Internet, and social media to do so. That is why I have decided to become active in politics.

    So far I have received a very worm welcome form the administrators of this site as well as the some of the users. By reading some of the posts I was able to discern that this is my kind of place. I can tell that it is a strong community and I look forward to sharing more of my ideas with ya'll. (just had to throw that little bit of that southern charm in there)

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