You can also always tell when conservatives are in denial about their candidates' real chances of winning an election. She is considering running for the Senate in Alaska because she knows she can't win a national election.
Considering the utter imbecile in the WH at the moment?

The majority of Americans think she's stupid-whether she is or not, that's the opinion.
Yeah yeah and Pres Bush was AWOL, he organised 9/11, he is a member of the global conspiracy...blah blah blah.....

You guys like her because she says the things you want to hear. The only people who are going to vote for her are Alaskans and the far right.
Oh I'd say far more than that, my dear DUmmie. Y'see, after the massive violations of the Constitution carried out by "your hero", Governor Palin willnbe welcomed by a lot more than that, seeing as she doesnt think the US Constitution is something to be trampled upon or ignored.

Especially the First, Second and Fourth Amendments, not to mention the 10th.