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Today I walked through my mother's community and saw a neighborhood watch person
Not kidding. I'm visiting my mom in suburban NY and I went for my daily walk, I wandered up the street and into a gated section of the community. The guard didn't glance my way. I walked up to the house and asked if it was okay for me to walk around and he said "absolutely!"

The irony of it hit me. I'm a skinny white woman, late 40's. über priveleged.

I turned around. But not before I commented to the guard about how lucky I am that I can walk through a strange neighborhood and not have to worry about being shot. It doesn't feel right and it's not fair. The guard was black and he looked so sad when I pointed it out.

I was so struck by the parallel I wanted to share.
What kind of stupid does hippychick have to be to claim that the reason she could walk around (supposedly without being killed??) is simply because she's a "skinny white woman, late 40's. über priveleged"?'s daytime.......she announced herself and ASKED if she could walk's not raining and she doesn't claim to be looking at the a development with multiple burglaries in the recent months. I don't see anywhere in the OP where she states that she punched anyone either. That MIGHT make a difference in her reception as well.

DU liberal women are sure self loathing....and stupid as hell.

Not to mention smug about how multicultured, self depreciating, and politically correct she is.