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    This case was a perfect example of what happens when a defendant is tried in the media before he ever reaches the courthouse. The jury made the right decision based on actual evidence not deceptive pictures and edited audio tape.
    The "trial" in the media was full of lies and distortions, courtesy of Ryan Julison of Julison Communications, a PR firm that was responsible for handling PR for The Pigford Case, which ended up in the fraudulent redistribution of taxpayer dollars and a 2010 bill by Barack Obama.

    Julison was the person who controlled the story and visuals (the choirboy Trayvon image) that made their way to the news. This is how many lies got started like:

    Trayvon leaving at half time of the NBA All Star Game for snacks. (The game started at 7:30pm and Trayvon was dead by 7:17pm)

    Trayvon buying "Arizona Iced Tea" and Skittles for his "little brother." (Trayvon bought Arizona Watermelon, a popular additive to "sizzurp" or "lean" along with candies like Skittles. The "little brother" was Brandy Green's son Chad Green, who was 14 at the time. (He is now 15) Tracy Martin was not married to Green but was still married to Trayvon's stepmother, Alicia Stanley, who raised Trayvon from the time he was about 3. Alicia and Tracy Martin were married 14 years. Do the math. It mean that Trayvon had only recently started living with Sabrina Fulton (bio mom) who is now making a fortune out of Trayvon trademarks and settlements. (Tracy relocated Trayvon to Sabrina's home when the marriage fell apart due to his philandering with Brandy Green, who was pregnant with his child.)

    George Zimmerman "stalking" Trayvon and "shooting him down." Zimmerman made a 4-minute telephone call to non-emergency dispatch at 7:09:34 pm; he was off by 7:13:41. The first 911 calls from neighbors start at 7:16:11. The gunshot occurs at 7:16:55. Somewhere between 7:13:41 and 7:16:11 (2:30) there is another altercation in the dark and rain. At 7:13:41, Zimmerman doesn't know where Trayvon is. Sometime in that 2 1/2 minutes, Trayvon and Zimmerman see each other (probably by Trayvon emerging) and a fight starts. There is NO TIME for stalking.
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