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No, maybe 200-300 would be rioting and the rest of the residents would be trying to protect their homes and families.
Or maybe even less.

People would be surprised what a small percentage of the population the actual rioters were. The saddest thing is that most of the people who get hurt by these "uprisings" are not rioters and are vehemently opposed to what they are doing. After the Rodney King trial, the LA riots (burnings, really) mostly hurt the working class black WOMEN who were not part of any of the nonsense. These were good women whose supermarkets and drug stores were burned down, who were now going to have to travel miles on a city bus to get groceries because they couldn't walk down to the local Vons or Thrifty Drugs. I always felt supremely sorry for these women.

People forget that there are good working class folks who live in and around the "bad" areas of town. These folks are just trying to get by, and every time the local thugs start rioting, these nice people are the ones that suffer.