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  1. #1 So it looks like the jury was drawn from freerepublic/the gungeon. 
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    The compassionate DUmmies show their true "color" yet again.

    Mon Jul 15, 2013, 08:43 PM

    So it looks like the jury was drawn from freerepublic/the gungeon.

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    So far, there's the one woman called TM a "boy of color" during voir dire and who hates the media but has already landed a book deal, and the other on CNN who said Z seemed like a nice guy, and that she was highly influenced by testimony that the judge explicitly told the jury to ignore.

    It's starting to make sense. Maybe this is just a case of six idiots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Another genius from Moscow on the Colorado.
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    Let's see. Come to a verdict based on the letter of the law = morons
    Come to a verdict based on the fear that if you vote the right way, the animals will riot = genius, I guess.
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    In those Socialist Utopia's known as The Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, the Moonbats would have loved their court system.

    In those courts, a man was concidered guilty, and the witness statements and evidence that proved his innocence was thrown out because the State thought they were guilty because their " feelings " , instead of the truth.

    The whole Zimmer case has proven that many, many people in country decide a case on hysterics, rather then evidence, the chants of the mob, rather then the voice of the jury.

    It makes me afraid that innocent people will be destroyed because of Political Correctness, because these same people think its more important to feel good, then do good.
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