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  1. #1 Gov't Bureau 'Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,' Senator Warns 
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    It's interesting how every department that is supposed to "help" people ends up oppressing them instead:

    Gov't Bureau 'Creating a Google Earth on Every Financial Transaction,' Senator Warns

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is looking to create a "Google Earth" of every financial transaction of every American, Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY) warned today in a Senate speech opposing confirmation of Richard Cordray as CFPB director.

    "This bill (creating the CFPB) was supposed to be about regulating Wall Street. Instead, it's creating a Google Earth on every financial transaction. That's right: the government will be able to see every detail of your finances. Your permission - not needed," Sen. Enzi said.

    And, there's nothing you can do about, since Americans don't have the ability to "opt out" or prohibit the government from collecting their personal financial data, Enzi said:

    "You can't tell 'em to stay out of your records. It's not possible. If your data is being collected, you do not have the option to opt out. Nor, does the CFPD need any kind of permission from you to gather your personal information."

    Enzi called for greater congressional oversight authority to ensure the CFPB does not abuse its power.
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    Cash is king.
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    Enzi's worried about Cheney. Otherwise, he's back into 80/20 Land.
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