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  1. #1 The dangerous mind of the consummate "Cop Wannabe". 
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    The dangerous mind of the consummate "Cop Wannabe".

    Check out "A Cop's Take On The Verdict" in the July 14th Daily Kos. It's a spot on "profile" of Zimmerman as a consummate cop wannabe.

    I have long past experience working in the criminal justice system, and I know this personality type well. They can be dangerous people because they are constantly right there on the cusp of taking the law into their own hands. They use police jargon. They dream of being cops. They carrry guns. They carry scanners in their cars and have them in their homes. They have the police station on speed dial. They call the cops a lot. They try to sign up for ride alongs. They try to get hired as cops and fail. They may get jobs as bouncers or security guards. They sometimes hang around police stations and try to make friends with cops. Sometimes they even carry badges. I know of one who actually stopped a car with an old portable "Kojack light" and presented himself as a cop. (He was charged for doing that.)

    The confrontation and shooting of Trayvon was absolutely precipitated by Zimmerman and absolutely happened because Zimmerman profiled and pursued Trayvon with the intention of stopping and detaining him to appear as a hero who stopped a crime, simple as that. In his mind, given his lllllllong history of calling the cops, carrying a gun, patrolling the neighborhood, being "captain" of the watch program, having tried to get hired as a cop, taking MMA classes, taking criminal justice classes... it is just so clear. The guy is a consummate controlling cop wannabe who fantasizes about being a cop.

    What happened, I THINK, was Trayvon was SCARED of Zimmerman as Z was following him in his car. He sees Z again after Z drives ahead of him and calls the cops. He takes off. Z goes after him. Trayvon is now in fight or flight mode. He turns from flight to fight. Zimmerman confronts him, and T in turn confronts Z. Z never ID's himself. He never de-escalates. He has determined T is a criminal and is determined to capture him and detain him. It goes from a verbal confrontation to a physical confrontation because T feels he is defending himself from Z. The fight does not go well for Z as he is really a wimp and a coward under the bravado of a cop wannabe. He shoots Trayvon. He then goes into a panic because he seriously questions whether he ever had justification to use deadly force and the LAST thing he wants to appear to be is the one who was the aggressor, the pursuer, and the one who obviously started the whole thing. So he then goes into a long string of lies and embellishments and exaggerations to justify what he did, including using police jargon and attempts to identify and associate with the cops. The lies and exaggerations were just soooo BLATANT and provable. (Biggest lies include T circling his car, that T was "skipping" away, that he didn't know the name of the street so had to go find a street sign and address and was not pursuing, that he did not approach T, that T immediately punched him, that T threatened to kill him, that T saw his gun and was reaching for it, that T had his hands over his mouth and nose, that T said "you got me", that he wasn't sure if he had shot him, and that he put T's hands out to his sides. And there are others.)

    In the end, I think jurors were just too hung up on just how the fight started and progressed and in the end felt they just didn't have enough under the instructions to convict. Ya, some obviously were more sympathetic to Z from the start maybe for racial reasons. In fairness, a bit hard to say for sure, certainly for all of them.

    A tough case given the wishy washy local police investigation/failure to charge sooner, having to take over the case from them, etc.
    (Some local cops wanted him charged, admin. didn't, etc. Could have been a better investigation.)

    I have said before, as have others, that the better strategy would have been to go for manslaughter from the start, push THAT narrative, and much more forcefully the narrative that Trayvon was AFRAID OF ZIMMERMAN, felt HIM to be a THREAT, that HE was defending HIMself, and that Z was clearly the aggressor. The prosecution did not at all do a "bad" job in this case. They actually did very well in many ways. Remember, half wanted to convict on the first vote. And they made many good points including all Z's lies. But I think their main errors were not pushing just manslaughter from the start, and not showing a clear enough counter story with Z as the clear aggressor and T as the scared victim who was defending himself from Z.

    A sad, sad case. But one thing is for sure. Zimmerman is dangerous cop wannabe who will NEVER be a cop and will NEVER work in the criminal justice system. And he and his type are the very last people who should own a gun.
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    1. Its a fine WAG (Wild Ass Guess)
    Pelican (862 posts)
    5. The cop "wanna be" part fell apart for me...

    ... when the Sanford PD neighborhood watch liason offered him a position roughly equivalent to "civilian cop" with a car and a radio etc...

    He turned it down...
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    6. He already had a vehicle, gun, phone, etc. Neighbors reported he would "patrol" all the time.

    Look at the big picture. Taking MMA, watch captain, taking CJ classes, tried to get hired as a cop, working in an "anti fraud" job, etc. etc. etc. 46 past calls to the cops. Give me a break.
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    8. Then when offered the actual position he turned it down...

    RBInMaine (9,594 posts)
    11. First, you do not have to swear at me and insult me like Zimmerman might.

    Next, I have listed out numerous facts and you are allowing one fact to trump all else. He could have had numerous reasons for turning that down. He did work. He was taking classes, etc. thus time concerns. Next, he wanted to carry a gun. They wouldn't have liked that. He would have had to go by their rules, etc. He wanted to go by his and his time. Maybe he wanted to be "under cover" in his own vehicle.

    Look at ALL the facts.
    Hmmmm.....where have I read the word "fuck" day in and day out........oh, yea.....DU.

    FACTS??? SOMEONE is having severe problems telling FACTS from OPINION and "I WANT TO BELIEVE WHAT I WANT TO BELIEVE NO MATTER WHAT THE FACTS ARE" attitude.

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    20. Why are you defending Zimmerman on this site? You know how the vast majority of us feel about him,

    yet you like to push buttons about it. The system is not fair and Zimmerman got off. It is clear that Juror B#& had a preconceived view before she got on the jury and was out to make money from it.

    Zimmerman got away with murder because the system is not fair.
    "D*** you, don't give us the facts when we just want to HATE Zimmerman."
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    9. ... he probably turned it down because Neighborhood Watch folks aren't supposed to carry guns.

    What would Zimmy have done without his manhood at his side?
    Myrina (9,534 posts)
    7. I wish this man or someone like him would have been on the jury.

    Sigh. It's SO. DAMNED.OBVIOUS.
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    16. the most logical scenario

    unless of course you believe an unarmed kid suddenly decided to attack someone who outweighed him by about 100 pounds for no reason. what kind of mind does it take to believe zimmerman's version of events? one that thinks black men as inherently violent and dangerous.
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    24. Why are you lying about known facts?

    At the time of the incident Martin was 5'11" and 158 pounds. Zimmerman was 5'8" and 204 pounds.
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    25. I have believed it to be...

    quite as you have described it perfectly. I actually believe some of his wounds to be self-inflicted too. No evidence, but his whole story seemed contrived.
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    The dangerous mind of the consummate "Cop Wannabe".

    Check out "A Cop's Take On The Verdict" in the July 14th Daily Kos. It's a spot on "profile" of ---
    --- Why so many people suspect too many cops have an 'Inner Fascist' that wants to control everyone else rather than 'Serve and protect.'
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    The Daily KOS. I wonder if the story is also backed up and presented on TruthOut???

    The Pelican DUmmie is taking a big chance here, the DUmp has made its collective mind up on this issue...
    May the FORCE be with you!
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