Dear God!!! nadin at Comicon!!!

***WARNING*** nadin pic!!!!

Sat Jul 20, 2013, 07:09 PM

Well today at Comicon I got to interview two sitting members of Congress

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This is me, interviewing Congressman John Lewis, (D-GA-5) today at Comicon international before he adressed about 350 people, it was a full room,(A very small room...) regarding the release of "March." This details his life, and it is a trilogy of his life and the civil rights movement through his eyes. It is being released by Top Shelf.

Now that we are home, from Comicon, I can work on that story to send to the East County Magazine, and we also have sound for KNSJ radio. We spoke of not just the graphic novel, but also the present and how the present is connected to the past. Such as the murder of Emmett Till and the murder of Trayvon Martin... and the continuity of it. (That's deep Nadine, really deep...) I touched on a few other issues. (Yes, we know you're "touched") Now to work with me... I got two stories to write now.

The other was my local Susan Davis (Whatever that means in nadineze...)

Oh and here is a link to Top Shelf