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  1. #1 Time Warner Cable Just Removed CBS and Showtime 
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    Time Warner Cable is turning off all the CBS Inc.-owned channels in the millions of homes it serves in the New York metro area, the Los Angeles region and Dallas/Fort Worth.

    Retransmission consent negotiations between Time Warner Cable and CBS stalled late Monday, and the cable company announced it would have to black out the Smithsonian Channel and pay channels Showtime, TMC, Flix and, by later that night, the signals for the CBS local stations in New York (duopoly), Los Angeles (duopoly) and Dallas/Ft. Worth.

    The nationís second-largest cable company becomes the first to black out CBS on its system in history. Once called the Tiffany Network, CBS remains the leader in total viewing, as it has for a decade.

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    I could get along fine with Fox news, scifi and that christian channel that plays all the westerns.
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    I'm not sure if my DVR is set to record anything on CBS right now.

    The last time Direct TV had free Showtime for the weekend, it had an urban feel to it. I was not impressed.
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    When we lived in St Louis Charter was having negotiating problems with NBC (and we were stuck with CHarter, no alternative) and made a big deal of their threat to cut off NBC. They kept saying that you would no longer be able to see Leno. It was amazing how quickly the negotiations came to a conclusion and no one was affected. I wasn't that upset about the concept of not being able to watch NBC.

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    And just like that...30 minutes after the blackout was over.

    Not long after Time Warner Cable said it would drop CBS, it said it halted its plans at the broadcaster's request. CBS said both sides have agreed to continue negotiations.
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    Verizon went through this last year when it was beefing with the company who has History, A&E, AMC, etc. That said, CBS has only 1 good show and I'd be pissed if I lost out on watching it. Big Bang Theory.
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