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  1. #1 10 States With The Most Trouble Paying Bills 
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    10 State With The Most Trouble Paying Bills

    9 out of the 10 all have 1 thing in common. What is it?
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    Luckily Nevada is still state income tax free. I hope that continues.

    Our governor is not the greatest, but he has cut spending while trying to improve the schools at the same time. He also stood up to Mayor Bloomberg's gun control spending campaign with a veto.

    No state has suffered during the recession more than the state of Nevada. Between 2006 and 2010, home values plummeted a staggering 44.5%, the poverty rate increased 26%, median income dropped 3.8% and GDP increased only 1.2%. Each was the worst in the country for that category. Last year, Nevada’s budget gap was $1.8 billion, the equivalent of 54.5% of available funds. This was the third year in a row the state has had one of the worst shortfalls in the country, and that trend appears ready to continue through at least 2013. In order to balance its budget last year, Nevada was forced to raise taxes significantly, cut dental and vision services from Medicaid coverage for adults and reduce financial aid funding and state employee salaries.
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