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    Destroying the American Brand

    The cumulative negative effect of the Obama administration's methods, actions, and ideology on the perception of the United States, both at home and abroad, becomes especially vivid when viewed in the context of a business analogy.

    And no business can survive the purposeful destruction of its brand.

    In business, no corporate asset is more valued than the brand. At its heart, the brand is a promise; it represents customers' collective expectations of the firm's products and services. It is built over years and can be destroyed in an instant.

    A qualitative example of brand value can be found in a 2009 study that placed the value of the Coca-Cola brand at $68.73 billion.

    The American brand consists of multiple attributes which include personal liberty, equality of all citizens before the law, economic opportunity, strength in defending our values, a culture founded on historic Judeo-Christian principles, and integrity in dealing with our allies throughout the world. Built over centuries, it has been able to evolve because it is constructed on the fundamental bedrock of the Constitution and a legal/political system designed to provide checks and balances.

    The way that brand is being systematically destroyed by the present administration could never be tolerated in any commercial, corporate, or institutional structure:


    America's is a culture of freedom, opportunity, inclusion, and integrity. If the majority of its citizens believe that the United States is exceptional, it is because for so long we have been the last best hope of those who suffer from oppression. We have expended our resources and the blood of our young men and women in defending inalienable rights throughout the globe.

    What then are we to make of an administration that replaces unity with divisiveness, that stirs racial and class hatred at every opportunity, and that sees us not as one people free to differ yet united in our core beliefs, but rather as a seething nest of angry minorities, each holding the other responsible for injustices, real or imagined? Why would such an administration, deaf to the voices of economic experience, persist in policies destructive to potential and existing jobs and future opportunities? Why so often side with and defend sects that seek a violent theocracy that would undermine our legal system in favor of one derived from other sources? >>>

    If a deeply troubled business entity is to be saved, it requires a radical change of executive personnel as the first step in restoring goodwill. Those who come after must prove themselves, by prior experience, to be capable of undertaking the Herculean task of recreating faith and confidence. Even with the best talent, it is almost always a long road back.

    Where this is not possible and where matters have slipped too far, there are only two alternatives -- either the company goes out of existence, or what is left is acquired by another, stronger entity.

    The corporate analogy, if not perfect, is extremely telling, and it is worthwhile to remember that despite comments to the contrary, like businesses, no country is too big to fail.


    If 0bama had a country, it would look like Detroit. With the current GOP blessing of course.
    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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    Brody File Exclusive: Ted Cruz Says America Needs A Spiritual Revival

    In an interview you’ll only see on The Brody File, Senator Ted Cruz says spiritual revival is needed in America saying, “I think we’re at the edge of a precipice. If we keep going down this path we’re risking losing our nation. We’re risking losing the incredible oasis of liberty.”

    The Brody File team spoke to Cruz on Friday in Iowa after he [had] spoken at the Pastors and Pews events in Des Moines. A partial transcription is below along with the video.
    I may be an old, stick-in-the-mud atheist, but I wholeheartedly agree. A moral and spiritual revival is long overdue.

    Four boxes keep us free: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

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