From a LEO FB page. This thread had me rolling.

Some of my more fav.

Had dry cleaning provided by dept. had tailor at cleaners taking in a coworkers waist 1/4 inch at a time. Then we all kept asking if he was gaining weight. Blew the ass outta 3 pairs of pants before he admitted he was gaining.
I hired four city officers to show up at my work with a "warrant" to search my bosses trunk. You really should have should have seen Ruben's face when he opened the trunk for them and five, 5lb. bags of flour wrapped in cellophane were right there.
Evil grin, my boss is always giving me his keys at work to unlock secured locals in the store.

Set up a fake T stop, find big amounts of drugs.... And a gun...then act like your giving that suspect a brake with a warning.
That moment you when u get back to the car there face is priceless
Catch the guy on your crew that sleeps through just about anything. Catch him with his windows up and tape a full-size face to the outside looking in. Then call him on the radio.
I have got to do this one. Know a few to do it too.

replaced the contents of an age phobic sgt's hair spray with quick silver hair dye. All the Grecian Formula he used couldn't keep his hair from going totally silver gray in a little more than a week.
Fess up you military boys. Who's pulled this one?

We've all heard the old "flour in the squad car A/C vents" prank, but let me ask you this: have you ever tried to get pink glitter off of blue polyester?
Once, we were nightshift and knew that one of the guys on shift would go for a sleep, we found the car and jacked up the rear, removed the wheel and left it on bricks.
We had someone OC the TP paper at our zone office, Deputy on duty used it and had to drive to a call right after that. Apparently he didn't get the "Hot seat" until he was about to go on scene. Had to take several statements with a burning ass and then drive back while trying to hold himself up.
Read through it, some are really good.