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  1. #1 What Was Obama HINTING At In HIS Speech? 
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    Rut Roh...DUmmies concerned again!!!

    Thu Jul 25, 2013, 12:34 PM

    What Was Obama HINTING At In HIS Speech?

    While the bulk of President Obama’s Galesburg talk was a progressive one, as I indicated in “Obama Scores with Econ Speech,” he did sneak in one passage that should raise concerns among progressives.

    Here it is:

    “....I will be saying to Democrats we’ve got to question some of our old assumptions. We’ve got to be willing to redesign or get rid of programs that don't work as well as they should. We’ve got to be willing to -- we’ve got to embrace changes to cherished priorities so that they work better in this new age. We can't just -- Democrats can't just stand pat and just defend whatever government is doing. If we believe that government can give the middle class a fair shot in this new century -- and I believe that -- we’ve an obligation to prove it. And that means that we’ve got to be open to new ways of doing things....”

    Now, on the face of it, that might sound perfectly reasonable. After all, who could be against making programs “work better” or being “open to new ways of doing things”? But which programs is he talking about here? Is he again pushing his “chained CPI” proposal, which would devastate the elderly, the disabled, and veterans?

    Or does he have some big new concession he’s about to give Republicans that might have disastrous implications for poor people, as Bill Clinton’s “end welfare as we know it” pledge did?

    Beware: Obama might pull another fast one.

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    I'd say they're right to worry. Oblahblah has never delivered what he has promised and he has betrayed the real left.
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    I would suppose it means that even the deluded neo-Marxists from whom he gets his economic advice (Being totally innocent of any knowledge of the subject himself) have come to the realization that their entitlement programs and their rates of growth is unsustainable in even the near term, no matter what tax chicanery is tried, and chickens will start coming home to roost before the end of his Presidency, or so shortly thereafter that he'll still get the blame for it.
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