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I have been trolling DU for better than five years now trying to stir the pot as much as I can without being banned and so far it has worked. I have better than 7,000 posts so far. I found out very quickly that if you make right wing or conservative comments you will be quickly banned. So if you want to disrupt do it from the far left. Just about any wacko far left comment is allowed even if it concerns criticizing St. Obama. I am always right there criticizing Obama for not indicting Bush and Cheney for war crimes, for cozying up to Wall Street, for wanting to cut Social Security and for signing off on spying on Americans. Not only do I get away with it but I usually get plenty of agreement. Heck, I have even severed on their juries. It's really fun to be throwing monkey wrenches in the works.

I posted ONE message...ONE....at the DU as Community OrganGrinder before being BANSIHED FOREVER

No I did not include any of my visual offerings ....aka "banners".