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Thu Jul 25, 2013, 12:44 PM

Why is the national media mostly doing a lousy job of the Filner story?

I think it's intentional, and there is no way the National media has no clue who Bob Filner was while in Congress. This was a response to another thread, but I figured it deserved it's own.

First off, the story went international during the Gloria Alldred presser on Monday, when she announced the civil complaint against the city of San Diego, and Bob Filner. It's not just channel 12 Tijuana, televisa station, but also CBC Canada. They were both there. Televisa makes sense due to the years of work Filner had, decades, with Tijuana as part of the Border Region. Bob Filner even served during Clinton's years as some kind of presidential envoy, while in Congress, to help with NAFTA. Yup, he actually ran on that before the business community.

In the US the story is not fully registering nationally, and msnbc, the place for politics, is doing a lousy job on it's effects to the California party, but this is now international.

It's worst than that...Wiener really never had bills passed in Congress. Filner served in the Armed Services committee as chairman, among other committees, and among other things he was the author of the GI bill for the 911 generation. In other words he was not a back bencher.

Anthony Weiner was loud while in Congress. Filner was part of the inside tract machine.

My opinion, it's not been reported that way by the NY-DC media because Filner could touch, and drag down, other powerful dems. Yup, he was a powerful So-Cal ally of among others Nancy Pelosi and even Stenny Hoyer. And while a progressive, a national defense hawk.

It speaks volumes as to how both stories are being covered, and it is not just the size of the markets. What Wiener has in common with Filner...both are considered progressives.

And if you are outraged over Wiener, you should be doubly so over Filner. The latter, just a matter of time for actual criminal charges.

(And I get not to chase this story today....Yee haw!!!! (He is supposed to show at a ground breaking ceremony...doubt it)
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