LOL!!! What an opening!!!

Sat Jul 27, 2013, 06:10 PM

Do I look like a moron

or a teabagger (I guess that is redundant)? It seems that the hate-filled GOP women of this world seem to think so.

I went on vacation last week, and while I was waiting to get my plane, a woman starts a conversation with me. Within five minutes, she is on politics and is ranting about Obama and the lazy poor and her taxes and everything else I have heard a hundred times from Rush and O'Reilly---and bordering on worse. When she came up for air, I told her that she must have mistaken me for a hard-hearted, hard-assed Republican. She moved in a huff after telling me that I was the problem with this country.

Last night, I went to a neighborhood get-together, although I usually just keep to myself. I am talking to one of the women about her kids, and the next thing I know, she goes off on Obama and Obamacare. I wanted to stop the whole conversation right there, so I told her that I loved Obama and that Obamacare was a small step in the right direction. Instead of being embarrassed and changing the subject, she starts to lecture me on all the flaws with the Democrats. As much as I wanted to, I did not tell her to go fuck herself (I still have to live here and although I don't care for her, I don't want to piss off neighbors), but I did not let her get away with all the lies. She was parroting Rush's talking points.

So now I am beginning to re-evaluate the way that I look. The Republicans can think all that they want about older people being more liberal and more likely to vote Democrat, but that is not what I am seeing. It seems that just because I am an ordinary older woman, these people think that I must be of like mind. So I guess that I will have to pull out the hippie clothes and peace buttons so these assholes will leave me alone.....or at least know that they are putting their feet in their big mouths.

What's a person to do????
It's time!!!!

It's just flat out amazing how DUmmies always have shit like this happen to them!!!