Well, I found something new to cook! I got them at a Mexican meat mart and they were not trimmed and cleaned, it was disgusting work! But I did it and was it ever worth it! So tender and beefy. Here is the recipe I kinda followed:

1 beef cheek (approx 1 lb)
1 tbsp ghee
1/4 tsp each salt and pepper
1/2 yellow onion, chopped coarsely
1 carrot, chopped coarsely
1 stalk celery, chopped coarsely
2 cloves garlic, chopped coarsely
1 small sprig each thyme and rosemary
1 cup medium-bodied red wine (Merlot)
1 1/2 cups each chicken and beef broths

Preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Trim any fat or connective tissue off the cheek and sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Warm the ghee in a Dutch oven on medium heat for a couple minutes, then add the beef cheek.

Brown the cheek for about three minutes, until it forms a nice brown crust, then flip and brown for another three minutes.
Remove the cheek from the Dutch oven and set aside, then add the chopped veggies and herbs. Sauté until softened, about five minutes.
Add the red wine and stir together, gently scraping the bottom of the Dutch oven to deglaze.

Add the beef cheek, and the chicken and beef broths. The liquid should cover at least half of the meat; if it doesn’t, add more chicken and beef broths.
Cover the Dutch oven and put it in the oven, and roast at 325 degrees until it is very soft, about three or four hours. Flip the beef cheek every hour.
You know the beef cheek is done when easily pierced with a fork. Mine took three hours.

Next, gently remove the beef cheek and put it on a plate, cover it, and set aside. Leave the oven on! We’re going to use it again in a second. Using a fine wire mesh or colander, strain the remaining liquid and discard the mushy veggies.

Return the strained liquid and cheek to the Dutch oven, then add the peeled carrots and sliced mushrooms. Cover and return to the oven until the veggies are softened, about 10-15 minutes. You should only have a little bit of liquid left at this point, which is perfect – you only need a few spoonfuls of it to get the full flavor profile.

Served with roasted garlic cauliflower puree and anchovy butter!