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    The trial is over, right?

    Well, not for Eric Holder and not for Barack Obama. Despite the fact that Zimmerman was found "not guilty", the media continues to try him, without evidence and without coming up for air.


    PJ Media: Bored with Obama

    "...Even more dangerous to the president is that the polling on the direction of the country has sunk to George W. Bush’s second-term levels, with more than 2 of 3 polled believing the country is headed in the wrong direction. The unemployment rate has held at 7.5% or above for the longest period in American history. About six trillion dollars in new federal borrowing has been put on the books to pay for this dismal recovery. The Federal Reserve has held interest rates near zero by buying a trillion a year of Treasury paper, which has fueled the stock market but done little for those without money to invest.

    It is not surprising, then, that the president and his attorney general have sought to make such a direct appeal on racial issues. The pivot to the economy is designed to suggest the president is busy on the people’s agenda, despite what little he has to show for it. But the racial messaging is different. It is designed to stir up the groups who provided the greatest electoral support for Obama in his two presidential runs. It helps to solidify his polling numbers by providing a floor, and at best will get minority turnout to respectable levels in the 2014 midterms, in order to avoid another 2010-like drubbing for the Democratic Party. Obama and Holder need to fuel the racial and minority grievance industry. Of course, they believe in this, so unlike other initiatives, this appeal is not faked.

    Roughly 8,000 African Americans are murdered each year, about 95% of them by other African Americans, but the only death that matters is that of Trayvon Martin. The president does not identify any other victim as someone who could have been his son (or Obama himself 35 years back). Somehow, a shooting that occurs after a fight that may have been started by Martin is a bigger deal than the ruthless carnage of blacks killing blacks every night in Chicago. This is not surprising, since the Zimmerman affair fits a grievance narrative, as did the Duke lacrosse fake-rape case, the fake Tawana Brawley story, or the Crown Heights pogrom that followed a traffic accident. Only when white people are alleged to have done wrong to African Americans does the media (and Al Sharpton and his crowd) pay attention.

    The president won 93% support from African Americans in 2012, and 95% in 2008. Turnout was higher for African Americans in 2012 than in 2008, while it declined for other groups. Stirring the pot on Trayvon Martin and the allegation that Southern states were taking away blacks’ voting rights worked wonders to get African American voters to show up and back the president. Combined with the class warfare argument focused on Bain Capital and the phony Republican “war on women,” Obama managed to get his groups to the polls and discouraged turnout among those who might have gone for Romney.

    At this point, the administration, which ranks with the Clinton administration in its obsession with electoral standing, sees African Americans again enraged over Trayvon Martin and voting rights, and Hispanics angry with the House GOP for not passing immigration reform. If reform passes along the lines of the Senate bill, the Democrats gain long-term electoral advantages. If a weaker compromise is reached, the president may elect to tell his operatives in Congress to kill it, since this would offer short-term electoral advantages in 2014...."

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    So much for being a leader of the country and fulfilling his responsibility as president of all the people. He should go down as the worst president ever elected to his position. He has no conscience or sense of values.

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    He is true to 50% of his race: Race first, all else a distant 2nd.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.

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    They need to keep our mind off those phony scandals. So they are making up a true phony scandal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobJohnson View Post
    They need to keep our mind off those phony scandals. So they are making up a true phony scandal.
    Spot on

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