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    "Why don't you respect their different perspective on life and try to come to some common ground?"

    This was a reply I received on another thread regarding morons who vote against their interests over and over again.

    I'm a liberal, and this shit drives me nuts!!!!

    You want to know why "liberals lose so God damn always" (to quote Will McAvoy)?


    Liberals constantly make the fatal error of assuming the other side is intelligent and reasonable. That if we are nice and present the data, people will come around. (Because they are always right, and if others would SIMPLY LISTEN and they would SIMPLY ARTICULATE THE INFORMATION CLEARLY everyone would agree with them.)


    President Obama, easily one of the most intelligent, reasoned, articulate, honest, well intentioned presidential candidates in our history (gag, yet they really BELIEVE this) took this approach...and Sarah FUCKING PALIN's ticket still got 47% of the vote...and that was AFTER Republicans launched an illegal war on lies, sanctioned torture, and created the biggest financial disaster since the GREAT DEPRESSION!

    47% people!!! Know what that means? It means that just about half the country, now devastated by 8 years of republican rule, would take Sarah FUCKING Palin rather then a Democrat...even one as amazing as Obama.

    It means in 2008, after 8 years of Bush, half the country thought the problem was that our leader wasn't MORE of a right wing ideological nut.

    Many of my liberal friends were patting themselves on their back that day. I was naturally thrilled Obama won, but I was also well aware of the fact that instead of what should have been a landslide...he could have easily lost.

    And for me, that brought a horrifying realization that our country was even more insanely misinformed and fucked then I thought.

    Obama also took this typical liberal "kill them with kindness" and "compromise" approach with's that worked out for progressive legislation, for the progressive movement as a whole?

    Let's see, Obama's only signature piece of legislation is a right wing Heritage Foundation healthcare plan that is a giant handout to big pharma and insurance agencies.

    Meanwhile, we've had draconian cuts to everything from education to life saving social programs for the poor and elderly.

    We've bailed out Wall Street and the banks, but told homeowners, the unemployed, students, the needy, and even entire cities like Detriot to go fuck themselves sideways.

    We've had a continuation (even an expansion) of Bush national security policies and right wing economic policies.

    More free trade policies, more corporate welfare, and the continued assault on the middle class, the poor, and our social contract.

    Yet do you see mass protests in the streets? Rioting? Are the Republicans facing backlash? Do most people even know what's causing all of this or who's responsible?


    In fact, Nate Silver is now saying there is a 50% chance Republicans will take the Senate in 2016...and no chance they will lose the house.

    Deny it all you want, but it's perfectly theoretical that Republicans could own the entire government come January 2017.

    The fact that this is even plausible right now, let alone a real possibility, should serve as a splash of ice water in the face of liberals.

    What you are doing ISN'T working!

    It's time to wake the fuck up and realize that this noble, above it all approach of messaging HAS BEEN FAILING MISERABLY FOR 30 FUCKING the point where the oligarchy now has so much power that it may now be irreversible.

    By now everyone should know that Americans are largely simple, ignorant, fearful folk. They trust the confident assuredness of a leader above things like facts. Like Bush, "Wrong but strong". (No, more like Obama. "I can say one thing and do the opposite and the rube base will unquestioningly believe it", like "I've decreased spending", or "I want to work with Republicans")

    You want to make Americans understand and come around to your side? Then quit acting like fucking pussies sitting in a circle on the grass at your college quad!

    Stand up and denounce the other side for the sick twisted fascist pukes that they are.

    STOP acting like there are 2 sides to common decency, to moral truths, to policies that serve only the purpose of enslaving the citizens while empowering the ruling elite.

    CALL PEOPLE THE FUCK OUT in every setting, in every situation. Minimize them, make them a mockery, paint them as immoral parasites. If you can't win on facts then demonize them, that's the way to "win".

    I don't care if it's you kids teacher, your priest, or your fucking dying Aunt.

    When possible, do so politely, if thats not possible, then FUCK THEM.

    Think this is harsh? Well you ever wonder why social issues like gay marriage and discrimination are the ONE area where liberals win CONSISTENTLY?

    Because they use this tactic!!!! Because they shame people into doing the right thing. They make it socially UNACCEPTABLE to not agree. Shame-the way to win. THEY are the ones who should be ashamed, the way they spew hatred of others.

    This is why those issues drive conservatives nuts more then anything - because that's THEIR tactic!

    To question capitalism means you are a commie pinko. To question a war means you don't support the troops. To question torture means you are a terrorist lover. Conservatives have mastered the tactic of forced conformity.

    So sorry for the rant, but I've fucking had it. This isn't 1970, where the other side is made up of at least some intelligent, well meaning people with legitimate alternative views and we all agree on the basic principles of America.

    THIS IS A FUCKING WAR against a soulless, immoral, ruthless oligarchy hell bent on permanently enslaving the people of this country...and they are winning, they are kicking our asses into oblivion.

    Liberals are the only reason America became the great shining beacon of hope and justice and equality and prosperity for all that it once was.

    Well it's time for liberals to get dirty again, or you can kiss this country goodbye. "If they bring a knife to a fight we'll bring a gun."

    America isn't the last great hope for the world...liberals are.
    RebelOne (27,395 posts)
    59. Nice rant, but let's cut out the "F" word. I am so sick of it. n/t
    DonCoquixote (6,045 posts)
    90. acutally, you proved the op's point

    The Right wing will say the f word, and anything else, to make their point, whereas we seem more concerned with being proper. That is why we have been bringing knives to a gunfight for 30 years.
    Vietnameravet (817 posts)
    13. in the end people get what they deserve ,,

    Seems to me there is absolutely nothing Repubs can say or do to alienate a very large section of this country,,.and a very large section of this country is just plain stupid and racist...
    They don't agree with me therefore they are stupid and racist.
    pasto76 (1,385 posts)
    22. so your solution is to become just like them, and shove it down their throats

    how evolved of you.

    I especially like how your sole advice on dealing with people is to mock, minimize and embarrass them. not educate them. never mind killing them with facts and irrefutable truths. never mind getting on the airwaves and hammering them on every stupid thing they do.

    our politicians on the left will NEVER do this the way you want them to, because you 'liberal' segment of the seems to love nothing more than to bash every non-liberal democrat out there, including the president. Maybe you've missed the last 5 years, but everytime the liberals start screaming about how 'obama is betraying us', they latch onto that and use it to their advantage.

    your analogy to war is offensive, speaking as a war veteran.
    kentuck (67,964 posts)
    48. It's a propaganda war and we are losing it...


    Because we want to play nice and fair and expect the people to choose us for those reasons. The only problem is: it doesn't work.

    In a propaganda war, when someone lies or offends your side, you hit them back. You embarrass them. You humiliate them. You call them on their lies over and over until they feel it. Did you know Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot? George W Bush and Dick Cheney are war criminals. FOX News is an arm of the Republican Party. Thousands died in a war in Iraq because of a lie. Etc..etc...
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    LOL!!! That one is hilarious. Great newbie post!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    the simple fact is we all see what happens when Moombats run things for years on end... its called Detroit.

    And that's the future they will bring to all of us.

    Enjoy dancing in the ruins
    CU's Paranormal Expert.

    Keep your powder dry, your sword sharp and your wits intact.
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    Of course, their definition of "Own best interest" means greedy, easily bribed, venal, self-centered, exploitive, and myopic...

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