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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    Haven't you ever had a white friend say to you "I'm colorblind", then a few days later refer to the person who cut them off in traffic by the n word?
    Nope. That kind of hypocrisy we leave to your fellow Democrats.
    I haven't either. I'm not sure I've EVER heard it in real life, certainly not from a friend or family member. Where I have heard that word over and over again is at DU, with all their "claims" that conservatives are saying the word, which I simply take as their NEED to show off how TOLERANT and anti racism they are. Along with a huge dose of wanting to paint all conservatives as racist in order to perpetuate the myth that conservatives are racist.
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    Al Sharpton is STILL PRETENDING to be Colorblind.

    how DO he get away with that??

    did he REALLY think that was a Green Suit he was wearing back in 1987?

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