What a moron...

Tue Jul 30, 2013, 04:28 AM

I'm so angry I cannot sleep

I am on fucking vacation. I am supposed to be ralaxing and having a good time. But the goddamned survailance state is busy digitally raping my family.

It's not enough that I have to tell my six year old that he must remove his shoes to get on a plane because they think he might want to blow it up. No.

As we are getting back on the fucking disney monorail to go back into the park to watch the goddamned fireworks after dinnner, my stepmother and I go through the turnstile and look back to see my wife and child have been pulled aside to be fucking photographed by some goon.

We were told that their tickets, which are barcoded and issued to people by name, did not have their photos linked to them and they fucking line them up an takeb their ppictures. A fucking six year old for crying out loud.

We were also told that my stepmother's and my tickets already had associated photos, which must have somehow been taken without our consent or kowledge since we were never fucking asked to pose for any goddamned pictures.

I gave the bastards an earful an wanted to take the fucker's camera and smash the goddamned thing on the pavement but didn't want to ruin my kid's good time by getting locked up.

Instead I had to tell him that they were afraid he might blow up the fucking park.

I am starting to think I need some aliases just protect my family's right to fucking privacy.

Maybe it was in the fucking fine print when we purchesed the tickets, who the fuck knows, but a six year old?!

We have another day in the park and I need some sleep. Can anyone really convince me I shouldn't be so fucking angry so I can get some goddamned sleep?

His wife should have just belted him...maybe she did!!!