Some times I'd just like to slap the shit out of "these people"...

Tue Jul 30, 2013, 07:17 PM

The Brutal Truth Is That American Corporations Don't Need American Consumers Anymore.

Corporate CEO's have directly said we don't need American consumers anymore. We can make enough profit in the global economy. China and India are more important to us than America. America is no longer our major market.

So business doing business in the US is ok with "market wages" and status quo on consumer demand. That reason is why they will continue to drive wages down in the US. As a matter of fact is it not obvious that they don't really want to hire American workers either. If you look at outsourcing and off shoring as well as the request for UNLIMITED "immigration work visas" replacing American workers is in vogue. American workers get the crumbs.

Read the writing on the wall. And the GOP fully support sending jobs to China and India. Yet they fly the flag/