A Moron in Maine tells his widdle TeaBagger tale...

Wed Jul 31, 2013, 01:21 PM

My family and I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday because of, believe it or not, teabaggers!

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My wife, son & I are playing host this week to my mother-in-law & my wife's cousin who, like my wife, are Puerto Rican. We are also hosting our son's Godmother whom, like our son, is African American. In our group, I'm the only white person. We live up here in Maine, AKA Vaationland, and the 2nd whitest state in the union after Vermont.

The reason I give you our ethnic make up is to tell you the following story. When our godmother & my wife's mother visit, they MUST have lobster! We went to their favorite lobster restaurant yesterday for their lobster dinner. My mother-in-law, wife and her cousin were speaking Spanish, because my mother in law doesn't believe that her English is as goo as it actually is. My wife's cousin brings a one woman party with her wherever she goes, so they weren't being quiet, contributing lots of giggles & laughs to the atmosphere. My son & his Godmother would make George Zimmerman's trigger finger itch on sight. It was a lovely Maine early evening in a small coastal town with a family enjoying each other's company.

About 30 minutes into our meal, I noticed a family of tourists from New Jersey (according to their t-shirts) at a table that was across from ours. The father and mother kept giving us dirty looks. I was almost going to suggest that we pipe down a little when I noticed the father's t-shirt from a 2009 teabagger rally. I realized that our volume had nothing to do with their displeasure, but the Spanish speaking and the blackness was what was offending them. After realizing this, I was just SOOO delighted that we were RUINING the meal of these stupid and racist teabaggers simply by enjoying each other's company. I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I consider the animosity of teabaggers to be as sweet as a compliment from someone I actually respect.

If this seems a bit harsh, than maybe it's a logical result of the hateful conduct of the entire teabagger movement over the last 4+ years, when they've proven themselves to be a totally detestable people. I'd never act the way that they do, but if my family and I could turn a $100+ meal to bile in their stomaches simply by having a meal and enjoying ourselves, than WAAHOOOO!


A very strong or, this guy is just a dick.