Ted Cruz: 62 Days to Defund Obamacare

The fight is on.

A growing — and furious — fight between the conservative base of the Republican Party and its Establishment elites in Washington is rapidly taking shape.

Senator Ted Cruz took to Sean Hannity’s television show Tuesday night and took on Karl Rove, >>> (Rove compared the defunding strategy to the famous — and losing — Pickett’s Charge of the Battle of Gettysburg). Cruz immediately countered by saying that while he wasn’t a military strategist he was pretty sure 100% of battles were lost if one surrendered before the battle began.

The next morning Cruz was at the Heritage Foundation (seen here at Right Scoop) explaining how the defeat of gun control earlier this year can be used as a template to defeat ObamaCare.

As was discussed earlier this week in this space, this has become a battle between what Ronald Reagan once called “rabbits” and “tigers.” Reagan, a tiger himself on these matters, was furious with House Republicans when they abandoned him on a veto of a pork-laden “Clean Water Bill” out of fear of being labeled “anti-environment.” Reagan himself was targeted by Democrats over this veto and he never flinched, angry that House Republicans had abandoned principle.

Reagan is gone, but his political heirs — his tigers — are very much in evidence in the fight to defund Obamacare. >>>

This is precisely the kind of thing that drove Ronald Reagan crazy. He was never afraid to call out these people in his own party. As mentioned Tuesday, he repeatedly called them “fraternal order” Republicans or “pale pastels” or, teeth-grittingly, “rabbits.” As in: when things get tough they run like rabbits.

Ted Cruz and his compatriots in House and Senate are decidedly not rabbits. They have a complete and full understanding that the opportunity to repeal Obamacare once enacted is slim to none. No entitlement program — no matter how poorly thought out and constructed, no matter how much it is dragging the country down to a financial oblivion — has ever been repealed. Ever.

They understand fully that governmentally speaking this is a one-time shot at slowing Obamacare and opening the door for eventual repeal.

But the point is not lost on Cruz, Mike Lee, and all the rest that Reagan’s argument about the need to stop Big Government is in fact a wildly popular political argument — with the conservative base. >>>

Sixty-two days.

Sixty-two days to lead a grassroots charge to defund Obamacare.

The fight is on. It’s Washington versus the conservative grassroots.

The question will quickly become, for Republicans in the Senate and the House, Reagan’s old question:

Are you a rabbit? Or a tiger?

And conservatives are taking names.


The rabbits or as we often now a days refer to as RINOs are certainly lining up with their pals, the establishment, the democrats to defeat anything brought forward by conservatives.