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  1. #1 No posts on last night's "Newsroom?" OWS was big topic. 
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    Ooooo...OWS was a "topic" on a TeeVee show!!!

    Mon Aug 5, 2013, 07:30 AM

    No posts on last night's "Newsroom?" OWS was big topic.

    Pretty hard-hitting, too. The Trayvon Martin murder was briefly mentioned, too, opening the door for a future plot line. Good show.
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    Dumbasses like the show Newsroom? Guess it's not that good and I can give it a pass.

    Edit: Ah, it's an HBO show...don't have HBO so I'm not missing anything.
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    Just as they found their "President" when Sorkin was writing The West Wing...the DUmmies have now found their "nightly news" in the form of this POS show....which goes back and rewrites history/current events the way the DUmmies WISH they had transpired.

    Talk about a fantasy land.
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