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  1. #1 WTF is going on in Gilberton, PA? (DUMMIES are obsessed today; blame Tea Party.) 
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    One small PA town seems to be obsessing the DUmmies today. Anyone have a clue what this is about? I haven't heard anything about it.

    Media Blackout of PA. Town Held Hostage By Militia & police chief


    Welcome to Gilberton, Pennsylvania, where men with loaded guns, propping up a suspended police chief accuse all other citizens of being “tyrants”. It is a place where men with Swastika tattoos claim the “other people” are the Nazis. What, didn't you hear about this on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, or really anywhere else? Isn't NPR even interested in this story? For whatever the reason, no one is touching this. Perhaps the Federal government fears a stand off and doesn't want this to snowball, or inspire other towns with similar demographics to go the same route. Whatever the reason, this is a true case of media blackout...

    Gilberton, Pa - More Of Gilbertons Loom In The Future & Model For Teabaggers.


    Gilberton is the result of constant 24/7 hate radio that grows more extreme all the time. The next election will be a real doozy because of the hatred that will be spewed over the communist Affordable Healthcare Act destroying democracy and the country. The race baiting and code talk to do violence to progressives or Dems needs to be paid attention to.

    These militias are convinced "they are the revolution" that is coming to save America for freedom, Christianity and family vales and the Constitution. The "arm everyone" NRA meme is part of that message.

    A Petition Calls for the National Guard to Disarm Militia Holding Town Hostage.


    A Petition Calls for the National Guard to Disarm Militia Holding Town Hostage. [View all]

    Following a public meeting in the Borough of Gilberton, Pennsylvania, in which armed supporters of the infamous Police Chief Mark Kessler blocked members of the community from entering the building, citizens have created a We The People Petition at calling for federal intervention in the town. The petition asks for the National Guard to disarm the suspended police chief and his followers, who call themselves the “Constitution Security Force.”

    Tensions began in the Borough of Gilberton after the local Chief of Police posted online videos of himself firing automatic weapons while calling for violence against Democrats and making veiled threats toward Secretary of State John Kerry. After it was determined that the weapons used in the videos were the property of the Gilbertson Police Force, the Borough Council called a meeting to discuss disciplinary actions for the videos. Kessler posted another video, in which he called on members of the “Constitutional Security Force,” a band of private militia of which Kessler is the head, to attend the council meeting. Kessler claimed in the video that council members were “conspiring to fire him.” Brandishing automatic weapons, more than a hundred members of the militia arrived at the meeting, creating a situation that Michael Morril of Keystone Progress described as one of the most frightening he has ever experienced. Morril attended the meeting in order to deliver signatures gathered by more than 20,000 U.S. citizens, calling for Kessler to be fired by the Council. He told the Huffington Post in a follow-up e-mail:

    Read more:

    I don't know about you, but I find this terrifying. This asshat has just taken over, is suppressing dissent, and he's still not being fired. Proof, I suppose, that intimidation works.
    And finally, one confused DUmmie:

    Re: Media blackout in Gilberton. There are actually two Pennsylvania gun stories.

    re they being confused?

    The Gilberton story (about the sheriff) hasn't had anything new since the end of July:

    Pa. police chief suspended after video profanities

    GILBERTON, Pa. (AP) - A small-town police chief who appears in online videos using profanity and shooting automatic weapons has been suspended for 30 days without pay. The borough council of Gilberton voted 5-1 at a meeting Wednesday night to suspend Chief Mark Kessler, saying he misused borough property. It said he used the weapons without permission.

    So far, nothing else has happened.

    There is a second story, however:

    Police: Poconos shooter said, 'I wish I killed more.'

    SAYLORSBURG, Pa. – The man accused of killing three people and wounding three others in a shooting rampage at a municipal building had a long-standing feud with the town and was heard to say "I wish I killed more of them," officials said. Rockne Newell was being held without bail after the shooting spree Monday night in this rural community in the Poconos. He eventually was stopped by two men who tackled him and held him to the ground, police said. "They are heroes," said Lt. Col George Bivens of the Pennsylvania state police. "They wrestled with him even as he was firing rounds from his revolver." Newell fired close to 30 rifle rounds through the walls and windows of the Ross Township municipal building around 7:30 p.m., police said, striking several people and sending others diving for cover before he went back to his car for his handgun.

    Are these two situations being confused?
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    And, as usual, it's going to come out that this guy is a left wing wacko.

    Newell told the paper he was unemployed for years after an injury from a crash and had nowhere else to go.
    Yep, that'd be my guess.
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    The Dark Storm is here ...

    It will only get worse from here on.
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    Something always jumps out of one of these stories:

    signatures gathered by more than 20,000 U.S. citizens, calling for Kessler to be fired by the Council.

    See that 20,000 is reported to counter the 100 swastika bearing machine gun toting militia members. Of course, we have no idea how many of those "20,000 US citizens" are citizens, pardon me residents of Gilberton.

    It's all about deflection. They were wrong about George Zimmerman and cannot accept it. They are wrong about SYG, RKBA, and just about everything to do with weapons and self defense. They can't stand it- the world simply isn't complying with their philosophy.
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