From: The Australian
May 04, 2013 12:00AM
N the northern tip of Taiwan, scientists are monitoring the alarming rise in industrial emissions blowing across the narrow strait from mainland China.

It is not just carbon dioxide that matters: secondary aerosols like dust and sulphate play a big role in shaping global temperature - as well as ocean and human health.

Aerosol-cloud interaction remains one of the biggest unknowns but what is known is that not all aerosols warm the planet; some cool it, balancing the impact of carbon dioxide emissions, at least temporarily.

NASA scientist James Hansen says increased emissions from Chinese coal-fired power stations have been responsible for lower than predicted global warming over the past 10 years.

Not everyone agrees because, they say, unlike carbon dioxide, aerosol emissions have a regional, not global, impact.

Nonetheless, Taiwanese scientists are only half joking when they say that as mainland China continues to prosper, the world should be more concerned about the coming ice age.

In Russia, one of the world's leading solar physicists, Habibullo Abdussamatov, says the planet is well on the way to another deep freeze. Abdussamatov is the head of space research at the Russian Academy of Sciences Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in St Petersburg, and director of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

In an interview with Principia Scientific International, Abdussamatov said results of research from the ISS had indicated a decline in total solar irradiance, which was having a dramatic effect on the global climate.

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This is undoubtedly true because in the article they show a polar bear standing on ice.

See, what I tell yah, proof!