Got lots of rain yesterday, which the lawn desperately needed, thank goodness. Looks like we're in that hot and muggy summertime pattern...woohoo!

TOTD: What type of BBQ do you like? Homemade or restaurant? Both? Personally, I have never made a homemade style but have experimented with mixing or adding stuff to sauces, spice rubs, etc, but want to do more of that. I prefer marinated or spice-rubbing the meat first....then adding a little spicy BBQ sauce while the meat is on the grill. I think the whole BBQ controversy to be fascinating (Texas style, Kansas City style, North Carolina style, etc etc). Shannon makes a terrific over-baked boneless BBQ pork-ribs...yummy! (Homemade BBQ sauce too, I might add) I love places like Sonny's BBQ...all you can eat yumminess!