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  1. #1 This Guy Is Claiming to Be Michelle Obama’s Son 
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    Aug. 14, 2013 8:37am Billy Hallowell

    When Johnny Gooden Jr. recently went to a Chase bank in Bryan, Texas, he had a story for the teller that was so unbelievable and so outlandish that it inevitably ended up landing him behind bars. Claiming that he is first lady Michelle Obama’s newly-adopted son, Gooden, 29, purportedly requested access to her bank account.
    Johnny Gooden Jr. Claims to Be Michelle Obamas Adopted Son, Gets Arrested After Trying to Withdraw Money From Her Bank Account

    But there were two main problems with his story: He’s not Obama’s son — and the first lady apparently doesn’t have an account at Chase.

    In a probable cause statement, the Houston Chronicle reports that the man “remained at the bank even though the bank advised him that there was no such account.” The teller, clearly sensing that something wasn’t quite right, alerted the authorities that Gooden was asking to access Obama’s account.

    But the story gets even odder.

    After police arrived at the bank, Gooden apparently told them that the first lady had contacted him through Facebook and adopted him (again, he’s 29-years-old, so it’s unclear why he would be taken under the first family’s wings).

    Once police began challenging his story, the Chronicle reports that he stopped talking, however his problems intensified once authorities searched him.

    During the incident, which unfolded on Saturday, police found marijuana in one of Gooden’s pockets, so he has now been charged with possession. Additionally, he has warrants that are outstanding over past instances of resisting arrest and assaulting a public servant.

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    If Michelle had a son he would look like him.
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    Could be broncobamas dealer! He was going to call the 0, but he got high!

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    The kid at the bank was not that smart. It's still funny as hell.
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    If Obama had a son, he'd look like Johnny Gooden...
    Yes..this camera is heavy. can't be on TV.
    Look kid, go bother the reporter...I'm busy!!!
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