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Really the best thing they could do is shut up and quit telling the Generals what to do. Their intervention is what caused this mess in the first place.

The second thing they should do is reverse course about the military exercises and not even think about cutting aid.

The military is the only thing keeping that country together. As I said elsewhere the majority of the people don't support this bogus "Arab Spring" crap.

But the MoBros are just more vocal and violent and that's what you're seeing on TV.
Yeah, I have to say when I first heard about their going after protesters, I questioned whether they were getting violent toward people who were just protesting or those who were initiating violence. The recent reports I'm reading about makes it look like they're initiating violence. I've usually advocated not giving aid at all to Egypt because we never agree with their policy, their government is usually anti-Semitic, and we have financial problems of our own. However, it might be best to keep the aid for now. An Egypt ran by the Muslim Brotherhood is just bad for everybody. I think it's crazy how there are all these people declaring they'll die for this though. Uh, why? Would the Muslim Brotherhood die for you? Probably not. They'll send your son, not their son to do a suicide bombing.

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The jerkoff opens his piehole when he feels it suits him politically (Trayvon Martin, Sandra Fluke). Why not open his prick mouth and condemn the actions of these muzzie scum? Doesn't cost him anything...or does it?
Good point. Hopefully, the Martin stuff is dying down now. I've also been disturbed that he acts like the military did something wrong with their coup of the Muslim Brotherhood. I realize they were voted in, but a lot of Egypt didn't realize how much they were going to abuse their power. That and they're terrorists. WTF Obama?

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OK, Lanie ...

Apologies for butting in. The question was to you. The floor is yours.
No apology necessary.