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    Heh heh, they disabled comments for the attached YouTube video. Guess they couldn't take the heat of everyone commenting on what a bunch of crybabies they are.
    Solve a man's problem with violence and help him for a day. Teach a man how to solve his problems with violence, help him for a lifetime - Belkar Bitterleaf
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    They are going to strike themselves out of jobs.
    Which sort of makes what they're doing brave IMO. Union workers have all this cushion. You might as well say they're sacrificing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
    Which sort of makes what they're doing brave IMO.

    From The New Liberal Dictionary ...

    BRAVE ~ adjective

    1: lacking in sense, judgment, or discretion 2: absurd, ridiculous

    Synonyms: silly, unwise, imprudent, thoughtless, irrational, stupid, crazy, rash, reckless
    Noonie was 100% correct when she wrote:

    They are going to strike themselves out of jobs.
    American By Choice ~ 1980
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    3. Oh man

    They're going to fool around and cause the price of everyones Big Burgers to soar by as much as a whole nickel.The teabags are going to howl.

    I wish the "Low Pay is Not OK" people much success.
    Clearly this idiot does not realize that the labor makes up the majority of the price of fast food. Doubling the average wages of the workers will probably raise the price of a "Big Burger" by more like 20 or 30 nickels. If they succeed then I think I will just hold on to my nickels, dimes, and quarters and just stop eating at those places. In my opinion, the service there isn't even worth the $7 - $8 per hour they already make. The loss in revenue that it would cause will result in massive layoffs, far out weighing the "low pay".

    Considering the consequences of your actions, an "evil right wing" concept? ...... God Help Us, the nation is trying to commit economic suicide. AGAIN!
    Mark - Laugh At A Libtard

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