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    Dow Chemical spent 12 million dollars last year on lobbying in DC.

    But the politicians would have us believe that Dow simply supported the candidates with whom it agrees, not that it's buying influence.

    Make corporate lobbying (of Congress and any other government officials) 100% transparent. Make it a painful and high criminal offense to hide, disguise, misrepresent, or "make mistakes" when it comes to lobbying and political contributions.

    Make politicians publish specific reports of their time, expenses, gifts, and companions both on and "off" the clock.
    I don't believe corporations are legally allowed to directly contribute to campaigns or candidates, what Citizens United did was allow them to donate to or otherwise promote specific issues. Even with an absolute ban on political speech by corporations and low absolute limits on personal contributions by their officers and employees, there would still be lobbying and actions by elected officials because of the sheer economic power they represent, and its effect in particular districts or states ("Well, Congressman, as a lobbyist I can't actually bind the XYZ Corporation, but if that legislation you were opposing goes through, we'll probably have to close out our 500-job service center in your district as we consolidate operations elsewhere...").
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