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    Well this will be fun...

    She's looking for the story behind Filner:
    nadinbrzezinski (125,165 posts)
    4. Well the warning to city council was a warning about the very real

    downtown developer mafia. Fun fact, fourth pol driven out on a rail for crossing them in twenty five years.

    He provided the ammunition though, and he admitted that.

    What he said though that was significant and important (and that the rest of the media will ignore) is the progressive vision and going back to the neighborhoods needs to continue. Just because he made his mistakes that vision should not be abandoned. The people voted for that vision because they are tired of politics as usual downtown. (And he owned that as a serious mistake)

    His statement, I have to copy and paste his statement into an MP3 file on it's own. I think that would be best for the radio in full. To be honest all that statements before Council most folks will not sit through them.

    The rest. I am glad I had the SD card on the recorder, I ran out of space on it after two + hours of recording.

    What I will include though is what is very true. The people demanding his head on a platter came from well heeled areas of the city. Those who were supporting him did not. The split was about fifty fifty in the statements before Council left to take their vote. The least represented communities are very much still behind him. Those are the regions of the city I expect to see vote depressed in the special election, more than usual.

    But we are also looking at the developer aspect and who controls politics downtown. I have been asking all this time, and FINALLY got a thread that when pulled I went... HOLEEE SHIT!!! There is something to this. By the way, that is completely separate from his problems with women and have to do far more with politics downtown. Some folks here believe that is conflating, but I think it is a matter of hardball politics. We cover several city councils and we know of at least another city council where the developers own it.

    nadinbrzezinski (125,165 posts)

    6. We did, and we started chasing that aspect of the story

    after I finally got a thread to pull.

    I have been asking for a month, since this started. Is this the downtown mafia? None would go on record, especially the minority business people who support him. Finally they mentioned Sunroad... well I went looking into the case in 2007... mind you, I am not done yet. And yes, the City Attorney was run out of town for trying to enforce the law.

    2003 Mayor Murphy (a republican) was run out of town in a financial scandal (that was never prosecuted), after turning his attention to the neighborhoods.

    Roger Hedgecock, for whom I have no love, he was also run out of office and served time in jail in the 1980s.

    Perhaps it is all coincidence, or perhaps there is a fire here. So, we have little to lose.

    Some here think that I am conflating them, but no I am not. My job is to try to find out what the hell is actually going on? And I think the sexual harassment, which will have to be settled in a court of law, or settled in mediation, is just the first layer of the onion. And this is an onion.
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    I'm glad she is one of the "pressers" letting the world know about the evil mayor!
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    Intrigue in San Diego!!!!!

    Go get em nadin!!!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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