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    Rock ...

    Libya was a smashing success and we were loved by all, today they are an example of the perfect middle eastern democracy with freedom for all.
    Don'tcha just love it?
    You are so correct! Can't wait for WW3 to start over the mess in the Middle East especially with O's involvement on "our" behalf ... can you?

    Sonna ...

    The current CinC cant be trusted to tie his own shoes without fucking it up.

    Or to be precise:

    He needs full radar support, three sets of Taccom computers, full backup gear, three hunting dogs asnd an inertial tracking and triangulation system to find his own ass.

    On a GOOD day.
    Ha! Ha! And without Valerie Jarett telling him what to do, as Mr. ABC would say ... "He wouldn't know whether to sh*t or wind his watch!"

    And while I'm in here, Sonna ... the unforgiveable shooting death of Christopher Lane, by those three teenage sub-humans, absolutely sickens me.

    We Americans are not all like that. Many of us still have respect for human life. Unfortunately, our once held morals and values in this country, are quickly being quashed, and met with outright disapproval by those in this administration.

    My sincere condolences to his grieving family and friends.

    ~ ABC
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