Wants To Help You Pull The Plug On All Those Pesky Online Accounts

U.K.-based duo consisting of developer Robb Lewis and designer Ed Poole seem to understand that desire awfully well, and they teamed up to create what may be a truly indispensable resource. Itís called, and as the name sort of implies, itís a directory of links to pages where you can lay waste to your myriad online accounts.

Itís a deceptively simple resource. Youíre greeted with a sizable grid that points you to a slew of popular web services that you probably use. More specifically, those links point you straight at the pages where you can deactivate all those pesky accountsÖ or at least where you can try. Thankfully, Lewis has done the due diligence to figure out which services can be disconnected from painlessly and which ones require you to (ugh) actually communicate with someone to get the job done.

A disconcerting number of sites and services fall into that latter category. Of the ones that Lewis has added, 10 wonít let you kill your account without first talking to a customer service rep, and 4 (Netflix, Steam, Starbucks, and WordPress) donít seem to let you delete your accounts at all. Of course, itís in these companiesí best interests to keep the account deletion process as obtuse (one might say dark) as possible. The less progress you make on that front, the more likely you are to say ďscrew itĒ and remain in their clutches.

As useful as the site can be for people looking to disconnect sans headaches, itís far from being a complete compendium. Lewis notes on his blog that is very much a work-in-progress ó heíll gladly accept suggestions for services that people think should be on the list, and hereís hoping this thing continues to pick up steam.