Lazy-ass Protester: I shouldn't have to work as hard as you do to get what you have.

Hard Working Conservative: Aren't you always whining about the world not being fair. Your proposal is not fair to those of us who actually made good lifestyle choices, and made sacrifices to insure a good quality of life in the future. Besides the effect that would have on the economy would just make it worse for everybody. (insert several well thought points based on actual economics in the real world)

Lazy-ass Protester: Oh yea....long awkward pause....well, you're a (insert the most disgusting thing he can think of at the time)

I'm sick of hearing this exact conversation about just about every political issue the media just happened to talk about that day. Hopefully they all get fired for not doing the one thing actually required of them at work, just showing up. Then the fast food restaurants will be forced to hire competent people. If that happened then it might justify paying their workers $7.25/hr and charging $8 for a burger and fries.

BTW: if this argument makes me an asshole, then I would gladly be an asshole living in a country with a functional economy.